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Indian Supreme Court needs time to improve situation in occupied Kashmir

Indian Supreme Court needs time to improve situation in occupied Kashmir
Indian Supreme Court needs time to improve situation in occupied Kashmir
Indian Supreme Court needs time to improve situation in occupied Kashmir
Indian Supreme Court needs time to improve situation in occupied Kashmir

The Indian Supreme Court has rejected the urgent hearing of the petition against the cancellation of Article 370, a special status of Occupied Kashmir, suspension of internet, mobile service and curfew in the Valley, saying that the situation was further normalized. It will take time.
According to Reuters, the curfew is still in force in occupied Kashmir for the ninth consecutive day, while social workers have launched a Supreme Court to make it possible for residents of the valley to have access to basic necessities of life and to remove restrictions on the movement of citizens and other means. A petition has been filed in the court.
Applicant’s lawyer Manika Goroswamy said the court should take immediate steps to rehabilitate hospitals and schools.

“I have told all these things to the Supreme Court,” he said.

Justice Arun Mishra of the Supreme Court said that the government wants to bring the occupied Kashmir back to normal soon.

Justice Arun Mishra said that ‘the situation is that nobody knows what is going on, we should give them time to normalize the situation, nobody wants to take one percent responsibility’.
He said, “If something goes wrong tomorrow, who will be responsible for it?”

The petitioner requested that the release of the political leaders detained in Kashmir, who have been detained along with more than 300 persons arrested during the demonstrations.

A ruling in this regard is likely to be issued by the Supreme Court in the next few days.

Attorney General –
K Venugopal told the Supreme Court that the security situation was improving.

Giving the court a stand on the situation in occupied Kashmir, he said that the situation in occupied Jammu and Kashmir is being reviewed on a daily basis and there are indications of improvement.
Indian Interior Ministry spokesperson claimed in a Twitter statement that there was ‘a relaxation on the basis of steps in the occupied Kashmir’.

He said that after the review of the relevant local authorities in the peaceful Jammu division, communication is being restored to normalcy.
On the other hand, no independent sources of Indian Ministry of Interior spokesman claims have confirmed that the sanctions have brought any relaxation, while in the occupied valley for the ninth consecutive day people have been denied access to phone and internet.

Protest protests in occupied Kashmir
Indian Interior Ministry spokesman for the first time after the implementation of the curfew, acknowledged that there was a clash between protesters and forces in the occupied valley after Friday prayers.

Locals cited the protest as more than 8,000 people staged demonstrations that were fired by Indian security forces to disperse tear gas and pellet guns.
Referring to the protests in occupied Kashmir, a spokesman for the Indian Interior Ministry said, “After paying prayers at a local mosque, the miscreants returned to the city and they threw stones at the law enforcement forces indiscriminately, resulting in widespread mass destruction.” But tensions spread. ‘
He said that “law enforcement agencies resisted and tried to restore law and order and no fire was fired in Jammu and Kashmir after the situation arose after the cancellation of Article 370”.
The Indian government had on August 5 announced the cancellation of special status of occupied Kashmir and imposed a curfew by suspending telephone, internet and television networks in the occupied valley.

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