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Stallone says no peace for warrior on his new movie ‘Rambo: Last Blood’

Stallone says no peace for warrior on his new movie 'Rambo: Last Blood'
Stallone says no peace for warrior on his new movie 'Rambo: Last Blood'

LOS ANGELES: Sylvester Stallone does not seem to sit back in his twilight years even after 72 years of age. Apparently, the Hollywood star looks little older but in action he gives stunning output to lead the role.

37 years after the debut of “Rambo: First Blood”, the legendary actor ‘s latest movie with title “Rambo: Last Blood” to hit theaters anytime soon.

Decades after the original one, Stallone returns as the iconic character for the fifth and supposedly final entry in the action-movie franchise.

Speaking to a news outlet, Stallone said: “The warrior can never find peace.” The actor added: he’s getting older, so he’s getting hurt even more.”

Review of “Rambo: Last Blood”

“Rambo: Last Blood” is a more conventional action arc, and a small movie in scope and scale. Its initial scene features the now-geriatric title character taking his medications, while the last shot shows him sitting wearily in a rocking chair on the porch of a house right out of a Norman Rockwell painting. But fans of the venerable action series need n’t be worried. In between those moments, the battle-hardened war veteran played by Sylvester Stallone brutally kills scores of people. That they all happen to be Mexicans is surely a coincidence in this current political age.

The film is a thematic regression in wanting us to cheer for Rambo’s violent retribution. In the 12 years since John Rambo left Burma and returned to his father’s horse farm, he has found himself part of a surrogate family. He lives as a ranch hand and works for Maria Beltran (Adriana Barraza), who worked previously tended the farm for John’s late father. He has become a quasi-father (or grandfather) to Gabrielle (Yvette Monreal), a college-bound high schooler. Alas, Gabrielle ignores her family’s advice and ventures into Mexico to meet her estranged/deadbeat father. When she doesn’t come home, Johnny races across the border. Once he quickly realizes that she’s been abducted by the local cartel for sex trafficking, well, as a wise man once said, God forgives, but Rambo won’t.

Stallone, besides the new “Rambo” film, is at work on another “Rocky” installment. He also hinted at a new project based in Asia. “I may be doing a movie in China soon. Top secret. A big one,” Stallone said. Without going into many details, he revealed that the movie would be set in Hong Kong.

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